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We are delighted to announce our next full-scale musical is Bugsy Malone!

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Bugsy Malone

Anybody who is anybody will soon walk through that door ...


1929, New York City.

A gang war has erupted between the city's biggest bosses just as Bugsy Malone meets the girl of his dreams. Can Bugsy get them to Hollywood in time for Blousey's big break? Or will he and his new friends get caught in the crossfire?

Featuring hit songs such as 'Fat Sam's Grand Slam', 'Tomorrow', and 'You Give A Little Love', this award-winning musical is a hilarious spoof filled with quirky characters, car chases, and a lot of cream pies.

If you're aged 10 - 22 and want to be in Bugsy, sign up for a free taster session here to find out more about the production!

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