Kingston Concert Week - Sophie

This week at MYL, we were all really excited to be rehearsing for a concert we were doing in Kingston on Sunday. It's so nostalgic to run through so much repertoire, old and new and we certainly did that this week, going through about 12 songs in 3 hours which must be some kind of record! I love hearing everyone get their time to shine with many solo opportunities in the different songs. MYL is the place I go to to relax and have fun so it's so great to be singing surrounded by so many supportive people. The family atmosphere at MYL is unlike any other youth group I have been a part of. MYL are known for the incredible sound they make and this week was definite evidence of that, as was the successful concert on Sunday. We all then watched and enjoyed Georgie's solo song at the end of rehearsal. I love the solo song tradition as it gives everyone a chance to showcase what they are working on, such as songs or monologues, which was invaluable to me in the run up to drama school auditions. All in all, this week really showed how much MYL has come on as a group since it was founded and was a fabulous tour-de-force of many of our past and present songs.


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