Another Great Saturday At MYL! - Ellie

February 11, 2015

Another great Saturday at MYL! I just love going to rehearsal and doing the things I love with the people I love. It was great to have our Musical Director, Tom, back from his travels... How lucky are we to have an MD who's so in demand - he's been doing Panto and all sorts lucky thing! Dan, our choreographer, brought a new warm-up exercise to the group as well in which we manipulated our voices to create an original piece...I love our gang, each person who makes up the group is unique and brings something quirky and loveable  to Saturday rehearsals! We're more like a family than anything...oh my goodness; we're like the Von Trapp family from The Sound of Music...we're a family and we sing and dance haha...luckily Sam our Director doesn't blow a whistle :'D


We spent rehearsal going over both old and new material in preparation for our show next Sunday, which I am so unbelievably excited for(!!!) and Katie, our deputy Musical Director, is coming back next Saturday to go over the set list :)) 


At the end of rehearsal I was given the opportunity to perform in order to help boost my confidence for Drama School auditions. When I first started MYL I was extremely shy but with everyone's encouragement I finally got rid of my shell and fee comfortable when I perform! It's kind of strange to me that I feel most myself while pretending to be someone else... Thank you for helping me be myself my wonderful MYL family, you're the best! All my love!



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