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See I'm Smiling - Caitlin Burrows

September Of '92 - Max Alexander-Taylor

My Brother Lived In San Francisco - Rachael Chomer

It All Fades Away - Oscar Garland

No-One But You - Ellie Roberts

Taylor The Latte Boy - Shannon Kavanagh

It's Hard To Speak My Heart - Jordan Castle

How Could I Ever Know - Aliza Vakil

Class - Chantelle Richardson & Katie Luckins

A New Life - Georgia Iucida-Davies

Someone To Watch Over Me - Megan Wilson

I'd Give My Life For You - Maya Britto

Gethsemane - Simon Whittaker

Love Is An Open Door - Ally Horton & Molly Sullivan

I'm Still Hurting - Sophie Max

You Must Love Me - Freya Burrows

Ladies Who Lunch - Ed Day

So In Love - Georgia Carey

Labyrinth - Anna Tamela

Promise This - Hannah Curtis

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again - Lois Chapman

On My Own - Hannah Wales